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The Great Debate

September 26, 2016
The Great Debate

Update: Brilliant pre-debate analysis by James Taranto

Josh Marshall makes a salient point, re: Trump’s greatest handicap entering tonight’s debate. Personally, I tend to agree with Derb. Most voters will overlook an ignorance of policy details-see Aleppogate-if they have confidence in a candidate’s leadership abilities. That said, Trump does have to exhibit some minimal command of the issues, if only to dispel pre-existing negative impressions. 

After months of anticipation, later tonight we’ll finally be able to watch the two presidential frontrunners square off on national television. Despite portraying their candidate as an intellectual juggernaut-and her opponent as nothing short of a gibbering dolt-Clinton surrogates are intent upon working the refs, and the refs seem more than happy to oblige. Whether or not this influences the course of the debate remains to be seen. Expecting professional journalists to fulfill their duties is a bit of an ask, admittedly.

Personally, I think Trump supporters expecting Hillary to publicly humiliate herself are somewhat delusional. Although she’s an historically bad candidate-and arguably the worst Democratic nominee in recent memory-she has spent nearly 2 decades questing after the Oval Office. The idea that she’ll embarrass herself in a one-on-one format as she stands on the precipice of that goal borders on the absurd. On the other hand, Trump has one ace in the hole, which is the insatiable lust for power which animates his rival. Read More »

Taste The Rainbow

September 25, 2016
Taste The Rainbow

Although overshadowed by your regularly scheduled terror attacks, as well as pre-debate effluvia, the media’s attempt to turn Donald Trump Jr.’s recent tweet into a cause célèbre for smug leftists is worth examining in detail.  While some right wing pundits pointed out the similarity between his Skittles metaphor and a feminist-inspired meme involving a different chewy candy, the actual root of this analogy is the precautionary principle, a deeply flawed approach to risk management. The idea being that the introduction of a new  product or process whose impact is unknown or disputed should be resisted.

The problem is that the United States-and the West in general-has  served as a treatment group for the effects of Islam for well over half a century. We already have an extensive body of data points which demonstrate that randomly dispersing skittles across the non-candy fruited plain is a terrible idea in practice. And even if you subscribe to the bizarre notion that experiencing a major terrorist attack every 4-6 months is an acceptable risk to ensure vibrant diversity, somehow forgetting that this is a deliberate, unnecessary risk introduced by our government, you’re making the assumption that this potential danger will remain static in perpetuity.

The people who want to flood our communities with Skittles fail to appreciate the fact that these risks will only increase the more this country is filled with Skittles-and there is never the hint of a suggestion that we decrease either the quantity or the percentage of increase in the future. I’m sure the French once believed that welcoming emigres from their former colonies in Africa was a swell idea. Several decades later, more than half the prison population of that country is comprised of Muslims and their jails have become small scale replicas of ISIS training camps. The same holds true for the UK, as well as every other Western European nation with a significant Muslim population. Read More »

Cascade Mall Mass Shooting

September 24, 2016
Cascade Mall Mass Shooting

Update: Remembering the victims

The suspect is now in custody

Information about our non-Hispanic, Turkish murderer, courtesy of

More details, courtesy of Hot Air

Details of what happened after he entered the mallRead More »

The Decline of Western Civilization

September 23, 2016

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Charlotte riots-and despite media social conditioning, that’s precisely what they are-is how unsurprising this reaction is. Whether it’s a clear cut case of police brutality/excessive force against an innocent civilian, or an example of a law enforcement officer defending his life in the face of lethal aggression, this is what we as a society have come to expect after every police shooting. Regardless of the race of the officer, what quickly ensues is an anti-white pogrom, as well as press justifications for this atavistic savagery, despite reporters being targeted by the same individuals, sometimes on live television.

We’ve just come to accept the notion that rampaging across your city, targeting anyone and everyone who is non-white, even those reporters who’ve served as apologists for this sort of mindless destruction and racial hatred of white people, is an acceptable response to perceived political or social grievances. In fact, this sort of unreasoned wide scale violence is probably our fault, at least according to the former First Lady and current Democratic nominee for President. Read More »

Reality Imitates The Onion

September 21, 2016
Reality Imitates The Onion

We live in strange times.

WCCO’s Esme Murphy spoke with a top community leader who has been working with the family of Dahir Adan since Saturday night.

Haji Yussuf, the founder of the anti-Islamophobia group Unite Cloud, said that Adan left his family apartment to go pick up his new preordered iPhone at the T-Mobile store inside the mall. Read More »

Federal Bureau Of Incompetence

September 20, 2016
Federal Bureau Of Incompetence

The idea that the latest all-American jihadi acted alone defies credulity, so it’s no surprise that authorities are already investigating the possibility he was part of a terror cell. The bizarre, impromptu press conference held by the perpetrator’s father merely adds to suspicions that Ahmad Khan’s jihadist intentions were known before this weekend’s terror jaunt across the Tri-State Area. Some of the best coverage has, unsurprisingly, come from overseas.

This article in the Daily Mail explores some aspects of this story which are being curiously underplayed, including the fact that the terrorist in custody tried to bring his Pakistani wife to the United States-something he has in common with David Headley, the architect of the Mumbai massacre and thwarted Jyllands Posten assassination plot. This case is also reminiscent of the Omar Mateen fiasco in the sense that the FBI had previously investigated Ahmad Khan for possible links to terrorism, but apparently those concerns were allayed when his father said, “my bad, my son’s not really a murderous jihadi,” to paraphrase.

The fact that Khan visited Pakistan several times without attracting the notice of federal authorities only serves to highlight the gross ineptitude of our government. Yet instead of reevaluating our country’s masochistic immigration policies-and hat’s off to this Saudi newspaper for crafting a more accurate headline than anything coming from the American press-we have public officials and pundits calling for the curtailment of rights belonging to actual Americans. For the record, in addition to mistakenly granting citizenship to 800 aliens with deportation orders, our government has also taken in over 2,000 Afghan refugees this year. Read More »

Ahmad Khan Rahami (Captured)

September 19, 2016
Ahmad Khan Rahami (Captured)

Update: Mr. Rahami was a busy jihadi, it turns out. 

Rahami charged

It turns out that CNN is good for something after all. 

Surrender and think of diversity. 

The man who shot the now deceased jihadist in Minnesota was a competitive shooter. Perhaps, contra Maddow, guns aren’t the main culprit in Islamic terrorism? As an aside, in the past 3 years 9 Somali-Americans have been convicted of trying to join ISIS

Free radicals

Footage of the shootout in Linden before Rahami’s apprehension by police. 

The war on noticing proceeds apace. Lionel has the perfect solution

Ahmad Khan is now in custody, according to CNN

CAIR has its priorities in order. 

You can’t make this up

More Ahmad Khans on the way thanks to the clever folks in the federal government.  Read More »

What You Can Do

We The People (Indie Republican Constitutional Workshop)

September 15, 2016
We The People (Indie Republican Constitutional Workshop)

One of the finest organizations promoting Constitutional education is the New York City Indie Republicans, a group I’ve had the pleasure of speaking before in the past. Read More »

The Blame Game

September 9, 2016
The Blame Game


Update: The full debate is now online.

One of the arguments which has preoccupied American journalists-and I’m being generous when I use that term-since Donald Trump’s nomination revolves around who is ultimately responsible for his political ascent. Likewise, conservative Never Trump pundits have spent the last few months assigning blame for his capture of the GOP-offering culprits which range from Barack Obama to the seemingly ubiquitous scapegoat, the social justice warrior. Read More »

The Ashes Of Fiery Weather (Meet The Author)

September 3, 2016
The Ashes Of Fiery Weather (Meet The Author)

Some of you who follow this website might remember Kathleen Donohoe, a Brooklyn author who also happens to be my cousin. Read More »

After The Storm

August 22, 2016
After The Storm

Update: Amy Curtis has also set up a GoFundMe for her friend Charlie Watson, who’s lost his house. Charlie’s Flood Relief Campaign.

This video from The Weather Channel illustrates the breadth of the devastation, but also the depth of humanity, people in Louisiana are experiencing at the moment. Read More »

In Memoriam: Deanna Rose

August 3, 2016
In Memoriam: Deanna Rose

A few months ago we told you about the struggle of my friends the Bacas, whose family home was destroyed in a tragic house fire. As I described in that post, there are few things more disorienting than losing your home. Read More »